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Most of this section is new and still under construction, but I will be adding to it regularly.  Click here for a brief history of what got me into this.

Here are some Links that have been my online reference guide to much of what I have re-learned:

History, Research, & General Information:


Music Machines

Vintage Synth Explorer


AudioPlaygound Keyboard Museum

Synth Site at SonicState

Synth & MIDI Museum at Synthony

Analogue Synth Resources - HUGE, comprehensive listing of links relating to analog synthesis

Synthesis - a really unique and helpful site with some neat little utilities

Individuals Sites:

Mark Pulver's Midiwall

JetBoy Junction

Wendy Carlos Site

SynthFool - Kevin Lightner's most informative site - has schematics & patch sheets also

Don Tillman's Site - drill down into the site for some very informative EM articles

Mark Glinsky's Site - interesting fellow and home to "Manual Manor"

Raymond Scott - Jeff Winner's site dedicated to Raymond Scott - very interesting fellow

Repair & Modification:

Kurt's Amps & Keyboards - I can't say enough about this guy's work - the BEST in my opinion

Sites Dedicated to Specific Equipment:

Matrix-12 Resource Center

Oberheim Abbey

The Moog Archives

Active Manufacturers of Analog Synthesizers & Accessories:

Modular Synth - comprehensive site listing most modern analog synth manufacturers

Synthesizers.com - want a Moog 3C that performs better than a 3C at half the cost??...besides they're based in Texas!!

Synthesis Technology - another Texas-based company

Analogue Systems - UK based

Big Briar, Inc. - Robert Moog's company....now producing an 'updated' MiniMoog